La Red Health Center

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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Q. How do I prepare for my appointment?
A. At La Red Health Center we want to make your registration experience a pleasant one. We recommend:
1. Come about 15 minutes before your appointment.
2. Bring information on address and telephone number changes, and who we should contact in case of emergency. This is important.
3. Bring your insurance card with you.
4. If you do not have insurance and want to qualify for the reduced fees, bring proof of family size and income.
5. Bring all of your medicine, so that the doctor can have details on what you are taking.
6. Bring any co-payment that is required by your insurance company.

Q. What type of Insurance do you take?
A. La Red Health Center accepts most forms of health insurance including: Medicaid, Medicare, most commercial carriers, and all insurance plans sold through the Delaware Marketplace
Q. I don't have health insurance and have heard your Sliding Fee Scale may assist me. What is this program?
A. The Sliding Fee Scale is a program designed to assist patients who do not have health insurance coverage afford to see the Doctor. Based on Federal Poverty Guidelines individuals and or families may qualify for discounted charges for medical services based on family size and income.
Q. Do I need to make an appointment to be seen?
A. Appointments are required however each department designates "walk in" times throughout each day when patients without appointments may come in and be seen. Walk in times vary by department and location, so please contact us to determine the walk in times for your department.
Q. I have medical assistance through another provider but I want to choose La Red Health Center as my primary care provider. What do I need to do?
A. Contact member services of your Medical Assistance plan and they will provide you with the steps necessary to choose La Red Health Center as your primary care provider.
Q. I'm pregnant and I don't have insurance. I really want to make sure that I take care of myself and the baby throughout my pregnancy. How can you help?
A. You may be eligible for Medical Assistance throughout your pregnancy and at La Red Health Center, we have on-site Medicaid enrollment services to facilitate coverage.